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"As many have learned in the past, you underestimate the power of the Stars and Stripes at your peril"

- Mark Allen

Karen Smyers

Karen Smyers

Triathlon Record

  • 2X ITU Triathlon World Champion
  • IRONMAN® Kona World Champion
  • USAT Triathlon Hall of Fame
  • Even being struck by an 18-wheeler truck could not stop her from racing, hence the nickname…

Mark Allen

Mark Allen Triathlete

Triathlon Record

  • 6X IRONMAN® Kona World Champion
  • ITU Triathlon World Champion
  • The 1989 Kona showdown with Dave Scott became known as “The Greatest Race Ever Run”
  • ESPNs “Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time”

“The Unbreakable One”

Karen Smyers Triathlon World Champion

KarenThe Unbreakable One Smyers is a USA Triathlon legend, who retains an unquenchable passion for her sport.  Competitively, Smyers won the ITU Olympic distance World Championship in both 1990 and 1995, and completed an historic double by taking the IRONMAN® World Championship in that same year of 1995. Smyers also won the 1996 ITU Long Course World Championship, took seven World Cup wins, Pan American gold in 1995 and 1999, and won the ITU Triathlon World Cup overall title in 1991.

Smyers is equally well known for her survival instincts.  She came back from a sliced hamstring (suffered while changing a storm window), suffered a collapsed lung and multiple broken bones when hit by an truck on a training ride, shook off a broken collarbone and multiple injuries in a 1999 race crash (which ended her 17-year streak of never dropping out of a race ), and also survived a bout with thyroid cancer in 1999. Now a mother of two, she is described by ‘Slowtwitch’ as “gracious…, humble…the triathlon star most age groupers would like to have beer with…”

“The Grip”

Mark Allen Greatest Male Triathlete Of All Time

Mark “The Grip” Allen (born January 12, 1958) was voted in an ESPN poll as the “Greatest Endurance Athlete Of All Time.” Mark is a six-time winner of the IRONMAN® World Championship, the winner of the inaugural ITU Triathlon World Championship, a ten time undefeated winner of the Nice International Triathlon, and the the holder of one of the longest records in endurance sports with his 2:40:04 marathon split set in 1989. That record stood for 27 years.

Mark is also the holder of a record 21 straight wins at every multi-sport distance and discipline that lasted over two seasons starting at the end of 1988 and continuing through the end of 1990. He resides in Santa Cruz, California and is the founder of Mark Allen Coaching. Mark’s passion is coaching athletes at all levels of the sport.