Team USA

Current Standings

The table below shows the current standings for Team USA and highlights the top four qualifying positions and the athletes in bold. Keep a look out for your favourite athletes as the qualifying positions will be determined on May 4, 2020!


1Heather JacksonUSA397.91
2Skye MoenchUSA392.75
3Chelsea SodaroUSA388.51
4Sarah PiampianoUSA387.98
5Jocelyn McCauleyUSA376.97
6Jacalyn HeringUSA362.41
7Linsey CorbinUSA346.48
8Lesley SmithUSA333.83


1Ben HoffmanUSA382.81
2Rodolphe Von BergUSA379.21
3Timothy O’DonnellUSA368.25
4Matt HansonUSA349.74
5Andrew StarykowiczUSA341.89
6Matthew RussellUSA330.25
7Ben KanuteUSA324.14
8Andy PottsUSA323.07