Team USA

Current standings as of April 14, 2021
(Changes from March 31, 2021)

Current Standings

The table below shows the current standings for Team USA and highlights the top four qualifying positions and the athletes in bold. Keep a look out for your favourite athletes as the final positions will be determined closer to the race!

The Collins Cup Qualifying Protocol can be found here.

A more detailed Standings table can be found here.


1Jocelyn McCauley (ML)99.87
2Chelsea Sodaro (ML)98.93
3+1Skye Moench97.56
4-1Sarah Piampiano (ML)97.51
5Jackie Hering92.50
6+1Heather Jackson88.72
7-1Linsey Corbin85.59
8Alissa Doehla80.77
9+1Meredith Kessler78.19
10+1Lauren Goss77.53
11+1Lesley Smith74.05
12+1Lauren Barnett70.50
13+1Haley Chura69.15
14+1Lauren Brandon66.06


1Rudy von Berg95.51
2Matt Hanson94.57
3Chris Leiferman91.68
4+2Ben Kanute91.42
5-1Sam Long90.93
6-1Timothy O’Donnell86.71
7Andrew Starykowicz84.21
8Ben Hoffman82.44
9Kennett Peterson82.34
10Andy Potts76.72
11+2Justin Metzler70.05
12-1Jason West67.20