Team Internationals

Current standings as of April 14, 2021
(Changes from March 31, 2021)

Current Standings

The table below shows the current standings for Team Internationals and highlights the top four qualifying positions and the athletes in bold. Keep a look out for your favourite athletes as the final positions will be determined closer to the race!

The Collins Cup Qualifying Protocol can be found here.

A more detailed Standings table can be found here.


1Teresa Adam108.74
2Paula Findlay103.79
3Sarah Crowley94.94
4Ellie Salthouse92.20
5Amelia Watkinson90.58
6+4Jeanni Metzler89.10
7-1Hannah Wells87.50
8-1Mirinda Carfrae (ML)87.29
9-1Carrie Lester83.76
10-1Annah Watkinson79.96
11+4Pamella Oliveira74.25
12-1Jen Annett72.73
13-1Meredith Hill70.45
14-1Grace Thek70.18


1Lionel Sanders98.72
2Braden Currie96.43
3Cameron Wurf95.89
4Sam Appleton90.76
5Tyler Butterfield89.50
6Kyle Smith88.43
7Mike Phillips87.26
8Matt Trautman84.66
9Matt Burton83.35
10Cody Beals82.98
11Tim Reed79.81
12+13Max Neumann79.48
13-1Steven McKenna77.64
14-1Tim Van Berkel76.15