Team Europe

Current standings as of April 14, 2021
(Changes from March 31, 2021)

The table below shows the current standings for Team Europe and highlights the top four qualifying positions and the athletes in bold. Keep a look out for your favourite athletes as the final positions will be determined closer to the race!

The Collins Cup Qualifying Protocol can be found here.

A more detailed Standings table can be found here.


1Daniela Ryf108.71
2Anne Haug107.52
3Lucy Charles-Barclay106.42
4Holly Lawrence101.30
5Radka Kahlefeldt (ML)95.58
6Laura Philipp95.41
7Katrina Matthews92.68
8Susie Cheetham (ML)90.87
9Carolin Lehrieder89.49
10Caroline Steffen88.15
11Imogen Simmonds88.10
12Jodie Stimpson86.67
13Sara Svensk84.39
14Maja Stage Nielsen81.37


1Jan Frodeno107.83
2Alistair Brownlee102.97
3Sebastian Kienle101.28
4Gustav Iden99.95
5Joe Skipper98.53
6Kristian Blummenfelt95.79
7George Goodwin90.81
8Andreas Dreitz90.42
9Javier Gomez89.47
10Florian Angert87.56
11Daniel Baekkegard87.19
12Magnus Elbaek Ditlev86.73
13Patrik Nilsson85.84
14Pieter Heemeryck85.23